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Casting of non-ferrous metals and iron Calta

About the Company

The company was set up in 1993 by Mr.Calta. At the begining the main programme of casting was bronze. Step by step the production was extended to alluminum, brass and cast iron casting. Nowadays we offer also machining works on NC and CNC machines.

In the main part of company work 5 emloyees and in subsidiary ADOS(foundry) work 13 emloyees. Total production in 2007 was 7 tons per month and we are still increasing production.

We cater unit and batch production. Our staff is prepared to help customers with their requirements. In production we derive benefits from long-lasting experiences from metallurgy.

We offer the biggest line of bronze bars, bushings and plates in the Czech Republic. We continualy support our stock to be able deliver goods in the short term to our customers. We also offer machining.

Certifikát ISO 9001:2016 Certifikát spolehlivá firma 2018

Zivnostník roku 2011 Zivnostník roku 2010


Jaroslav Calta
Kamenný Most 144
273 26 Kamenný Most, region Kladno

+420 312 583 152

+420 312 583 152


Monday - Friday
07:00 - 15:00
(after agreement)

50.2447156N, 14.2042869E