General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Prices are EXW, without VAT 21% and calculated according to the current exchange rate on the LME (London Metal Exchange) and the average exchange rate according to the CNB exchange rate list. Our offers are valid for 2 working days.

To select a suitable semi-finished product for all required materials, it is important to supply the drawing documentation or the dimensions of the final product, otherwise we are not responsible for the incorrectly selected semi-finished product.

If sand casted castings (G or GS) are offered, small porosity is allowed, max. up to a diameter of 0.45 mm - castings are not suitable for pressure loads. It is necessary to machine 3.5-5 mm on the surface. Bronze castings "GZ" - centrifugally cast and "GC" - continuously cast, have better internal homogeneity. Machining 1-3.5mm on the surface is sufficient.

Cast iron "GC" /continuously cast) have better internal homogeneity, but it is necessary to machine 4-28 mm from the outer surface, where porosity may occur. The recommended minimum machining allowances for the elimination of surface defects in the supplied dimensions of cast iron bars are listed on our website.

The weight of castings, semi-finished products or products in the offer is determined by conversion, the actual weight is invoiced with a tolerance of + -0.3 kg after casting, cutting or the price is for 1 piece. In the case of a complaint, the matter will be resolved physically and in writing as soon as possible, ie. no later than within 5 working days from the delivery of the claimed casting or product. We do not accept your additional costs associated with claims for hidden defects. Dimensional deviations for cut or pre-machined parts can only be claimed if our company designation is stamped on the claimed area in the unaltered state. Any request for above-standard packaging is charged and the packaging must be requested in written form (in the order), otherwise the complaint will not take into account the normal damage to the material by manipulation. When ordering sheets (plates), do not forget to specify whether you order ordinary sheet with ordinary transport or glossy sheet with foil where special packaging is required. The price of the package will be calculated according to a specific requirement.

MODELS or MODEL EQUIPMENT: if you want to deliver it with castings, this fact must be stated in the order when ordering castings, otherwise the models will be stored and the handling time for their issue is 6 months. The fee for storing the model and its subsequent issue without ordering castings at our storage is 300 CZK + 100 CZK for each year of storage. In the case of storage of the model with us and then its subsequent use for a new order of castings with us, this storage is free with us for the entire storage period. For a shorter issue date of up to 30 days, the fee is CZK 7,500.

General delivery conditions

For our first collection, we require cash, cash on delivery or an advance invoice. For further purchases, maturity is possible on an agreement. In the event of signing our PURCHASE AGREEMENT, we may provide maturity immediately. The minimum selling value of the material is CZK 300, - without VAT.

We pack the material in cartons, bundles, boxes or pallets with regard to the nature of the shipment. The packaging fee will be stated on the invoice (small pallet CZK 150, large pallet CZK 200, etc.)